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New website, new brand and new user experience for Arkansas Children's Hospital

Relaunch the Arkansas Children’s Website to reflect rebranding of the system and introduce new logo. The site had gone through a re-design in 2015 but since then the goals of the organization had changed. In addition to the new logo, ACH was expanding into other areas of the state. These changes meant a re-examination of the site structure and user experience

Goals of the project:

  • Implement new design to incorporate new branding guidelines and logos
  • Revisit user experience and move to more traditional information architecture structure
  • Keep intact the primary CMS functionality – Including dynamically generated navigation structure

As with most healthcare sites the level and depth of the content available to visitors of the site is extensive. With over 8000 pages of content that goes multiple layers deep a solution for how a visitor can navigate the site and quickly understand where they are. To this end an innovative, yet familiar approach was taken to site navigation. The goal being to reduce pages with vast expanding content navigation areas while still providing an intuitive way to navigate the site. 


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Dean Richardson | Vice President, Account Services

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