CaptivCast™ — The Hospital and Healthcare Digital Signage Solution

Integrating digital signage into your hospital or healthcare system’s communication strategy is an excellent way to target your advertising messages to reach your audiences.

AVID Design’s CaptivCast™ digital signage solution was specifically built for the needs and requirements of hospital and healthcare marketers. CaptivCast™ provides a digital signage solution that puts your hospital or healthcare system’s target messages and content on LCD or Plasma displays.

Hospital Digital Signage Solution - CaptivCast AdCaptivCast™ can help your hospital or healthcare system:

  • Drive your business goals
  • Make messages work more effectively
  • Support and grow without overwhelming your budget and staff

Because CaptivCast is uniquely flexible, scalable, and affordable, it is an ideal solution for any digital advertising goals your hospital or healthcare system may have.  Plus, it can be strategically tailored for your unique purpose or current healthcare marketing efforts.

CaptivCast™ display formats include:

  • Standard video, audio, and graphic formats
  • Static media, including print documents, advertisements, and brochures
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Websites and streaming URL feeds
  • Custom created messages, and more

CaptivCast™ comes with powerful, easy-to-use features including:

  • Automated scheduler
  • Custom ad maker
  • Intuitive loop designer
  • Media library manager
  • System configuration

AVID Design’s CaptivCast™ Can Meet Hospital or Healthcare System’s Unique Needs and Demands

Contact us today to learn more about CaptivCast™. AVID Design’s CaptivCast™ is part software, hardware, and digital content, and is ready to be customized to fit your hospital or healthcare system’s communication strategy needs. 


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