Optimized Content for Your Hospital or Healthcare System

Having effective and strategic content on your website is a vital element to build unique visitors and keep them coming back. Optimized content can reach prospective patients and bring them through your healthcare facility. 

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At AVID Design, we write optimized healthcare content — for both web visitors and search engines — specifically to fit your organizational goals and objectives.

No Project Too Small...We Can Provide:

Original content provides information on new healthcare services or missing service line information.

Expanded content is simply adding copy to fully differentiate your products and services.

Revised content is when approximately 90% of the current content is correct, but it needs to be refreshed for tone and stronger SEO efforts.

Enhanced content makes your content more relevant and dynamic for viewers with video and other interactive communications.

With optimized content writing your hospital or healthcare system's website can:

  • Improve conversion rate
  • Grow website traffic
  • Increase search engine ranking

Optimized content is focused on:

  • Targeted keywords
  • Strategic modifiers
  • Proper placement of title and meta tags

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Let us provide you with a web assessment to help us better understand and determine your hospital and healthcare system’s optimized content needs.

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