We Can Make Hospital and Healthcare Pay Per Click Campaigns Effective

Driving Traffic with Just a Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is not a fix for a bad website or for a site not performing. PPC campaigns are strategic planned events developed to support a particular marketing initiative. This tactic is designed to drive traffic to a specific landing page for an anticipated purpose.

At AVID Design, we help manage your hospital and healthcare system’s PPC campaigns by using professionals skilled and trained in healthcare related PPC. Our service can help your campaign by:

  • Lowering your bids
  • Obtaining qualified traffic
  • Reducing cost per conversion

As healthcare PPC experts, we’ve found that having a strong performing website — from an SEO perspective — allows you to use PPC to supplement traffic and to deliberatively drive viewers to targeted pages.

AVID Design uses a phased approach to make sure your PPC campaign objectives are met.

  • Phase 1: Research keywords and phrases
  • Phase 2: Create corresponding landing pages
  • Phase 3: Develop relevant ad copy and keyword rich headlines
  • Phase 4: Establish keyword bids and launch
  • Phase 5: Track progress and analytics
  • Phase 6: Repeat, repeat, repeat

Create an Effective Hospital and Healthcare Pay Per Click Campaign

Contact us today and AVID Design can work with you to determine the appropriate Pay Per Click campaign for your hospital. 

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