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Baptist Health South Florida needed a way to help healthcare consumers navigate the confusing and often overwhelming choices in where to receive care in the most timely and affordable method for the condition or treatment needed. Given the high level of service overlap between Emergency Care, Urgent Care, Primary Care, etc., the healthcare consumer is often left to make these decisions with little information. The Carevenience app, provides an interactive tool that recommends Baptist Health South Florida services and facilities based on a logic that accounts for the most convenient, cost effect and appropriate services. In addition, the tool allows the user to apply their unique priorities, based on cost, access or availability.

Goals of the project:

  • Provide healthcare consumers with a tool that recommends the mostappropriate services based on the condition or treatment need, cost, location and availability.
  • Educate healthcare consumers on the difference in service offerings and cost for the various options within Baptist Health South Florida (Emergency Care, Urgent Care, Primary Care)
  • Enable the user/healthcare consumer to quickly and easily contact or navigate to their chosen service provider once an option has been selected.



Websites generally attempt to provide education and access information in the form of text-based content, infographics or video. The Carevenience tool provides a decisiontree approach to content delivery that is based on a logic defined by the individual user’s needs. This approach presents an individualized and personalized experience that focuses the education and access information based on treatments or conditions that apply. This results in true user engagement and a high level of clarity regarding the services and access choices available to the user.

Baptist Health Carevenience