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After many years of marketing efforts to move the Georgia Cancer Center from the .edu website to the .org healthcare website, our teams worked together for a seamless transition. Patient care information was moved to the .org site with helpful links back to .edu for clinical trials, research and education. Showing an attitude of hope and help through imagery and ease of use, the new cancer site has been accepted with enthusiasm and success from all audiences.

Goals of the project:

  • Provide an improved user experience with helpful information more accessible through strong conversions and improved navigation
  • Robust search capability – improved search availability so users can more easily find relevant information
  • Strong collaboration with internal teams to better integrate an improved user experience between .edu and .org for cancer care

As an academic medical center with expertise and experience helping cancer patients across the region, the Georgia Cancer Center needed a more consumer friendly website to share their clinical capabilities. Compared to how difficult it was to navigate through the .edu website, all audiences have expressed improved user experiences as well as a better understanding of the clinical capabilities of the team, including a personalized approach to supportive care to improve quality of life for those living with cancer.

Georgia Cancer Center