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With a strategic focus to improve awareness of the risks of heart disease for women, Piedmont Healthcare dedicated resources for an expansion of content beyond a simple campaign page. Implementing an expanded information architecture (IA), the AVID team wrote content to inform women about heart disease and how to earlier identify any heart disease issues for longer term health. Based on research driven initiatives, the program is expanding services to include a support network, specifically for women.

Goals of the project:

  • Provide educational information for women to increase their awareness of heart disease risks.
  • Promote heart risk screenings to identify heart disease issues sooner.
  • Showcase strong collaboration between women cardiologists and their research initiatives to improve the heart health of women across the region.

With a strong clinical interest in how cardiovascular disease specifically affects women, the Women’s Heart Program’s leadership team of women cardiologists are educating women about heart disease and how to reduce individual risks. Through screening opportunities and providing advanced treatments needed for improved cardiac health, they are bringing women together through education and support to improve the overall cardiac health of an entire region.

Piedmont Women's Heart Program