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Jeannine Smith | Art Director

Phone: 770-248-1752 ext. 510

Jeannine has over 10 years of experience in design and production, including video industry awards for her hospital commercials and Public Service Announcements.  Previously worked in the broadcast industry including WB/CW, Fox News and Cartoon Network series Aqua Teen Hunger Force show.

Digital Production Expertise

With a background in photography and video production and experience in UI/UX strategy for websites and mobile apps, Jeannine has been at AVID Design since 2006, initially as a web designer and video production manager. Her priorities include:

  • User Experience Strategy & Planning
  • Physician and Patient testimonial videos
  • Web creative design

Project Management Focus

As Creative Manager, Jeannine exceeds client expectations for a website’s design, while integrating sharp functionality. She manages projects, working across creative, development and content teams, to stay up to date with each project’s creative web strategy. Jeannine also works closely with account managers to assure that we carefully integrate client feedback.